Sunday, November 27, 2005

The Problem of Christophers

The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand!

I love Jesus too... YOUR post is very original and I hope you respond to my ad so I can possibly get to know you.
I like walking in nature too. Let's go for a walk at Nissen Marks Park in Aptos...Or Henry Cowell Park in Felton.. They are both beautiful and as people walk through these parks I am sure they are thinking to themselves "There is a God"


I have been corresponding with at least 4 Chrises in the last 2 days. One of them is bald and I know him from Stumptown. The other three are responding to the ad. I thought 2 of them were Christian. Now I don't know anything. I spoke to the writer of the above and he told me he was a "catholic, cultural Christian." Which wasn't the conclusion I drew from the opening salvo. I thought I was going crazy talking to him. He accused me a of being a "fundamentalist" because I believed the bible. Then I thought I got one or two of the chrises confused. But when I double checked I found this one in the files with the same phone number as the guy I called today. I wonder what the other one is? Maybe I should just forget about spirituality and look for a nice bald man.

Women, don't name your child "Christopher" unless you are sure he truly will be a "Christ-bearer."

I forget what this guy's name is, but I just had to post him.


Bald Man!

This was in my in-box this morning. How did he know? This is not a Chris, he's an "R."

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