Thursday, November 17, 2005

Procrastination Station

I'd like to compose more CL ads. I had way too much fun last night. I was up til 1. I need a new Goal. Maybe I will write such sparkling ads that people will hire me to write them professionally. I am over the MFA thing. That is for other people, like real artists, but writing irresistable CL ads, that is doable. Rubber is doable, too. Maybe I'll make some more purses, draw some more comix, and call it a life.

In a few minutes I'll be tooling over to Big Shaft, the Promised Land. I'd like a house for everyday of the week, too. Though, on second thought, I don't think a house for every day of the week is Goal Worthy. Its Mrs C's Thursday House that I'll be visiting. I wonder what crazy Frensh wines she'll give me this time.

If you stare deeply into this photograph, the previous two paragraphs will make some sense. Then, again, maybe they won't.

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