Thursday, December 22, 2005

Learning about good hostess behaviour.

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Only in Cambodia is here at 327 this week. We have been having a great time mucking about in the kitchen, and on the freeways.

I am slowly learning new skills about "making your guest feel at home."

1) When the guest screams, its a good thing to investigate. I am used to screaming women at 327. The M and the T scream when they are happy, when they are sad, when they want some attention and often just because they feel like it. But when OIC screams, its probably because the kitchen is flooding and its prolly a good idea to peel oneself from the fascination of the new modem and locate a mop. Now.

2) Guests won't take showers unless they are given towels. A single washcloth just won't do. Guests are generally not knowledgeable about where you might hide the towels. So its a good idea to offer them directly.

3) Guests appreciate clean linens. Yes they will notice those gnarly white spots that came from who-knows-where on the housemate's futon. So its always good to have back-up ones.

If cared for properly, guests will provide hours and hours of fun and food.

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