Sunday, January 22, 2006

A Good Convo

I met another CL man yesterday. I'll call him "NM." We have been emailing about religion, Jesus, church, comedy, writing and the various combinations of all the above. We met at Toots (for reasons too long to explain here, he didn't want to be seen in down town FF).

An hour and a half later, we parted company. I felt as if I had been run over by an earthmover.

He wanted to know why I believed what I believed. It was as if he had cornered an intriguing specimen and he weilded his surgical knife with the glee and pizzaz of a trained anatomist. At the same time he was charming and warm. I was, in turn, flustered, appalled, intrigued and speechless. He'd ask one question (something like, "Do you believe in the infallibility of scriptures) and before I even had a chance to think about it, he'd drop another bomb (do you think its important to believe in the Virgin Birth?). He wanted to know about my trip to Christianity and from and back again (you speak of christianity like its a package, as if its a marketed commodity). Then, in the next breath he wanted to know what my parents were like. He brought up enough interesting topics that he could fuel the online discussions of a dozen blogs for a couple of years. He kept telling me how delighted he was to be talking to me about this, becuase he hadn't had a person who was as open as I was to talk with "in years." I suspected it more like I was more gullible and defenseless than most people.

As he was talking I was trying to figure out what his intentions were. Ever since the New York Episode, I have been more wary of men being charming (sometimes its a blessing not being attractive in a conventional sense, I have had hardly any exposure to men who approach me just because I am pretty). The proverbial jury is still out. Time will tell.

When the interview was over, he said, "You represented God well." I wasn't sure what that meant. I am choosing to think that it was a compliment.

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