Friday, January 20, 2006

The View From My Car

the sun rises over, originally uploaded by camille94019.

The Car is a Temple
To Progress
To Economics

With the combined Gravity and
and Desperation of the Bank President
From Mary Poppins (one of the finest movies ever, more Americans should pretent to be British and sing about it)

Yelling, "A Bridge Across the Nile!"
and, "Railways Through Africa!"

As if we could bring the untouched heaven and nail them to our backyard fence, with all the beauty and wildness intact (like the crazy roses who send runners into our neighbor's backyard).

As if I could have my beach, and eat it too, but I can't. Not without a steep price. With everything proscribed by its freeway access and limited by the onramps.

And I can live it right now, because of the generosity and kindness of my mechanic, and ultimately a kind and generous God, who, for reasons inexplicable, is saying, Yes, please, drive your car.

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