Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Thief Magnet

My father used to tell us to put our valuables in the trunk, otherwise they were potential "thief magnets"

Post card view of 326

Items missing from the front of the Mighty White Mailbox

2 PG+E remittances
4 rolls of film + the check for developing

I'd like to have a scape goat. I have been wandering about the house with proverbial stick, looking for someone to throttle. The only comfort is that my bank gives you a free stop-payment when there is foul play. I wasn't looking forward to the fees.
I have had problems in the past with postal thievery (some dork stole the free checks credit card sends four years ago and it all got cleared up, but there is a thingy on my account that makes it harder for me, or anyone else, to get credit in my name), but I am relatively confident that my bank will be able to work with me if anything else comes up. The part that irritates me the most, is the thought of that person out there, in my neighborhood, who thinks its okay to do this. And what are they going to do with my film? They could have at least returned it, its not going to do them any good. That can't be rectified with a call to the bank.

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