Sunday, February 26, 2006

Sewer Crashing And Diagnosing Emails

I was just doing some post-church CL scanning. I didn't find anything this time. Last week I went fishing and I found a whole bunch of interesting ads, including a dude who was wondering if any women would like to go "sewer crashing" with him. Not one to let an opportunity like that so slip by, I wrote him immediately and we have been corresponding all week.

Bald Man walks through Door


I cleaned my room today in preparation for APE. I woke up this morning in a near panic, as I realized that my free pre-APE days were numbered. The disaster that is my room has been plaguing me for years, so I decided to take the day and work on making a pleasant work environment (cuz, boy, do I have a lot of that coming up). I am so glad I did. I am not done (nor will I ever be, its an evolution) but I am closer to having a space where people can walk without tripping and spend some time.

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