Friday, February 24, 2006

That is My Ear

Carmen and Liz, originally uploaded by hittheroad.

Yup, my face is now ubiquitous on the internet (at least parts of it, and if you know where to look). There is no getting away from ME. Aren't you all lucky you know me and it puts you that much closer to fame and fortune? Hit The Road posted this on her 'stream. Doncha love the textures of our sweaters? And the scarves! yeah Fashion-of-2006, we love thee!

One of the pastors approached me after church the other day and told me he saw my mug on a mouse pad at Bay Photo. I have no idea how that happened, unless they wanted to cash in on my notoriety(in fact, I need to go check it out). I wonder which one of the photags I know who frequent BF is responsible for it?

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