Wednesday, February 22, 2006

You Insured Fool, You!

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I got a big envelope in the mail yesterday from my health insurance provider! For those of you who are unfamiliar with my year-long health insurance saga, I'll give you the short recap.

March of 05. Inspired to get HI after talk with Pater. He tells me, "if you get cancer, we'll pay for your care, but it will ruin the family financially." So, haunted by images of my mother living on the sidewalk in a third world country, I start looking at options. I actually get an application, but it gets buried on my desk.

May of 05. I come down with the evil kidney infection. Inspired again to dig up application. Wait 'til I get a clean bill 'o health to send it in.

June of 05. My first Health Care Rejection. I am deemed "uninsurable." Given option to get on waiting list with State for "subsidized" insurance (that would cost me 600/mo). I may reapply in three months if I continue to be healthy.

December of 05. Figured that the three months had passed, reapply.

Jan of 06. After three failed attempts to give them a signed form (two failed emails, and one undelivered letter), the formal process finally begins on the fourth attempt.

Feb 21st, 2006. Fat acceptance package arrives in mail. I had been relatively informed about the program from the research I did last March. But reading the fine print again inspires me to stick with my pre-insurance MO, which is to maintain health, and never ever darken the door of a hospital. So nothing really has changed. I think my car has a better insurance plan (and the cost is the same-- and free towing to the nearest garage, to boot!). If I do get terminally ill, I'll scrape my pennies together, fly to a third world country and find a nice pagoda finish my days at. Maybe the monks will let me sweep the courtyard for them until I collapse. I can't think of a better way to go. Staring at all those bald heads, eating tasty food in a warm climate, as opposed to lingering in a hospital with flourescent lights and bad food! Sometime I think being in America is overrated.

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