Monday, March 20, 2006

Henry Cowell

Miss S and I went hiking yesterday. It was a perfect spring day. Mid 60's and crystal clear blue skies with perfect little puffy clouds. It was a perfect sunday. I thought I was well, so I went out. I discovered this morning that I was, indeed, still sick, but I went to work anyways. It gave me a good excuse to skip the meeting.

I didn't take these on that walk, but I took it the other day when we went there.

 Ms S striding forward.

I generally am not envious of blondes, but I wish my hair glowed like that.


The creek that skirts the meadow.

Where the Dead Fern Grows

We went up to the Observation Deck. The visibility was infinite, as the pilots say. We could see the mountains behind Monterey all the way to Big Basin. We collapsed on the deck and watched the clouds go by. The experience was slightly marred by a woman's long cell phone conversation below. Why go to the mountains if you are going waste the beauty on talking to your stupid trainer? Other than that, the clouds were amazing. They were going different directions. It was like watching a screen saver.

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