Monday, March 27, 2006

March 27th at 327

1) I am taking a short break from Production. The current project is a 4 foot long cardboard submarine. Its stalled until I can get my hands on a hot glue gun today at noon. Its made a beautiful mess in my room. You can't see the floor and I have a huge yellow frame to hang it on and it dominates the middle of the room. The frame (made of PVC pipe I spray painted yellow) looks like a magical portal. Fanboy said that he didn't recall any of the huge banners that the Wobbly and I used at last years APE, so now I am trying to rectify that. I haven't decided what color to paint the Sub, yet. I want to find something flourescent. Electric blue, maybe.

2) Its my birthday! I spent the morning reading "Box Office Poison" a graphic novel that was a gift from Fanboy. Its very good, I recommend. It features absolutely no man-eating squids or male masturbation scenes (somtimes difficult to avoid in the indy-comic world). The story was good and had a lot of interesting layers and characters were very human and lovable.

3) The last few days have been wonderful!
(in no particular order)

~PARTY at my sisters. Everyone was so nice to me! The food was wonderful! The company interesting and engaging! I didn't have to clean up! (thanks Sister!). We played Exquisite Corpse and ate fancy cheeses and the best samosas and crabcakes (thank you Willow's Mom!) and veggies, and cakes and... and... good good things! I felt so blessed by everyone's love and gifts and care. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

~Saturday late Lunch at the Saturn Cafe with Fanboy. We sampled all the delights; the flirty waiter, group self portraits in the co-ed bathrooms, the ollallieberry shakes, and onion rings on my fake burger and the best fries in Flip Flop. He enjoyed a rare cheeseburger (since it was fake beef, it didn't violate any kosher laws).

~Sunday Morning Dumpster Diving! Need I say more? My precious cardboard....

~Friday Night Hanging out with Geeks in Hose Avoiding the Very Bad California Pizza. Oooh, canned mushrooms! But the company was good. I talked to a writer of children's books, a digital lighting dresser, a massage therapist and aspiring game programmers (and I got to sit between two bald men!) I got to wear the Indiana Jones hat, too! This adventure closed with a harrowing trip through a heavy rain that nearly obliterated the detour/how to find the freeway signs. I inadvertently gave the FB a midnight tour of all the semi-constructed freeway onramps, dead ends and gritty industrial areas. He also got a taste of the famous O driving style (you drive like you are in a four wheel-drive jeep!). We were very happy to make it back home, between the fog and rain and scraped-off buttons and the I-can't-tell-if-that-is-the-road-or-a-ravine moments.

~Five Trips to the Diridon Train Station in 16 hours. I can now approach it from any direction with confidence.
4:30 Sat to drop off FB
6:30 Sat to pick up the Wobbly (with Pater and the Celestial One)
10:45 Sat to drop off Wob
11:30 Sat to pick up the Wob because I misread the train schedule
7:30 AM, Sun to drop off the Wob.

alright! back to work!


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