Tuesday, March 28, 2006

burning burning

wild images. Been playing with the Photoshop. I have some limited access to a nice color printer. So suddenly, I am now allowed to think in that other dimension... color. After being enslaved to the limited reproductive capacity of the Mighty Xerox Machine. Its overwhelming. Exciting. I think I am going to have to invest in a better printer (one that is faster, and has cheaper cartridges).

baldman fantasy book
A church-doodle I colorized in photoshop. I wanted it to look like it was colored with the alcohol-based design markers.

I am feeling pretty lazy, writing-wise. This is really a token entry. I have expended the proverbial secretions in Submarine Promo-Land. What is next? Will I make Submarine t-shirts? Would any one wear them? I am enjoying the production pressure. I wish I could do this on a more regular basis (I am not sure what is stopping me most of the time. Probably the phobia of not having the funds to publish. The regular publishing stopped at the same time I got laid off last year. Not that is "their" fault. It just looks like I am going to have to find a cheaper hobby. Maybe I'll draw my comics and paste them on my front window and if you want to read them you will have to ogle my house. So far, the free, on-line options haven't been a compelling motivation. Any dumb artist can post stuff on the 'net. I feel like I am stuck in some weird, old-lady version of the Concrete Operations Stage, where its not "art" if I can't hold it in my hand. I should just get over it.).

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