Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Traumerie, or "baby's dream"

One of the last projects to be ticked off the list for APE is the Baby's Dream book. I spent a few hours on the puter last night scanning and laying things out in photoshop (missing that Corel program of H's). If I actually get it published is something else. I am going to make a valiant effort on Friday. "Traumerie" is German for reverie. It was the working title, but no one prolly knows what it means, so I subtitled it "baby's dream" so it would be obvious what the book was about. "traumerie" was the name of a piano piece I learned as a kid, by Robert Schumann. Its beautiful, and full of the sweet longing that this particular book evokes for me. I started it last Fall when I had big plans about doing books devoted to the dreams each of the characters. But it ended up creating another character, instead.

here are a few highlights.

The first part of the book is Mother's search for the baby. The baby desperately wants to be found, so I naturally thought that Someone should be looking for him. And what do babies want? Their mommies.


The Baby's first sight of his mother. I cried when I drew this.


The Rude Awakening. I don't know why waking up is so traumatic (oooh, another reason I like the word "traumerie") for babies, but the KB completely freaked out when she was little and waking up. Every time.


For more, you'll have to read to book.

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