Thursday, April 6, 2006

that pre-deadline euphoria

Traumerie is rolling off the presses. My empire is growing. Whaugh-whaugh-HA! My little cheap-o canon Pixma is very slow, but if you aren't a trained professional photographer with a loup it looks mostly okay.

This is the first book I have exclusively printed sans xerox. Its taken three hours (give or take) to print ten copies. But they are ten beautiful copies. On nice off-white paper, like the originals. A book with twelve pages (sixteen if you include the covers) requires four pieces of paper and 8 impressions and when each impression takes a couple of minutes... you can do the math. I think I am going to blaspheme the Art Gods and do future books on the Evil Xerox (is xerox the Mooloch of the Reproduction Pantheon?). ugh, I don't think anyone is going to pay 40 USD for these little things.

See? The Sacrifices I Make for Beauty.

I need to go glue the rest of the Submarine bits on. Times like this, i am glad to be a woman. Multi-tasking rocks!

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