Friday, April 21, 2006

I was just enjoying the most recent crop of kid-comics. This particular crop is from a local GATE program, and while the students had some difficulty following simple directions, their imaginations were quite delightful. This is the group that had contests to see who could remember the most digits of pi one afternoon.

here are some highlights

This is from "Misty's Magical Spell" I love how the heroine always has her eyes closed when she is casting her spell.


The villain is her evil brother, of course.


I love the allusion to prophetical "scriptures" and planetary alignment. She has all the mystical conventions covered.

"Jo" What more needs to be said about the hero with the curly-que on his head?

Deep within the City.

I love this page. It needs to be a poster.


And because dictators are so entertaining, I present "Fight Back," containing everything from Cold War Intrigue, clever commentary on recent events, Bellicose Cubans (with Weapons of Mass Destruction) and Plucky Scientists.

yuri castro
Every Dictator has a house with a square door and a triangle roof.

cowering cubans
One needs to grow one's empire.

alarming cuban victories
America-- fat, rich and ripe for the plucking.

wine flowed freely
One should not let wine distract from the business of war.

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