Wednesday, April 19, 2006

24 Hours of Spring Break

I have the day off from teaching, its the only spring break I'll get before the massive unemployment of summer starts. Its a bit bittersweet. I started tackling my post-APE to do list, and I am preparing to mail out the backlog of goodies to my beloved subscribers (along with a heartfelt plea from The Admiral to renew subscriptions). So if you are a subscriber, you can reasonably expect a goodie in the mail.

Pogonip was so green and verdant that the H-ster and I didn't mind wading through mud. The sun was brilliant and the roads were clogged with the desperate mobs of valley people seeking beach. When we finally made it to the treees, we had the forest nearly to ourselves.

Mossy Tree
This is really Henry Cowell, but there were many mossy trees like this at Pogonip.

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