Monday, April 17, 2006


Bad Attitude

I feel like such a rusty blogger. My glasses are somewhere in the disaster-that-is-my-room (for some reason, the quality of image that hits my brain has a direct effect on how fast it works-- myopia gives me a somewhat fuzzy brainstate), and my stomach is a bit queasy from the chocolate cake and beer I had for a snack. I took the afternoon off of work (but still couldn't manage to really get away, between artwork crises and spending a dreadful hour in the clinic waiting room, waiting to get my TB test (not to worry, I have to get it redone every two years, whether or not I need it. The nurse called me to the reception desk three times to sign more waivers or give them money, each time was a fake-out (I thought it was my turn!). Why it couldn't be done all at once is a mystery). My blood pressure was high. I hope it was because I was all worked up after waiting so long for a 5 minute procedure. I keep thinking I have had this test so many times, my body might start making antibodies in reaction to the test and then I'd test positive thus killing my pathetic teaching career in one fell swoop. Urgh, I have to get fingerprinted this week, too. Bugger. Whatever I say, I am thankful to be teaching and not flipping burgers (no offense to those fine folks in the fast food industry). I have to go again on Weds to have the "weal" looked at. Yippee. All so I can work for three weeks in Big Shaft this summer.

I am slowly processing the pics I took from the last walk with Miss S. I like thinking about trees much better than thinking about waiting rooms. Why can't they combine hospitals and parks?

Wood Nymph

I found an amazing mushroom and like a good girl scout, I took its picture instead of yanking it out of the ground.


Anybody want to go on a walk with me?

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