Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Where did my Capital One Credit Card Go?

The Arrest

I came home today after a thrilling Tuesday (met some cool ladies at the Sheriff's Office, and "Lydia," the woman who fingerprinted me, was a fabulous sistah) to find one of those ominous messages about calling the credit card company immediately. (I hope it wasn't a con to get my card number). I was further disturbed by the fact I couldn't find that particular card. I called the number and the woman was very helpful. She asked me if I had been the 76 station a lot this week, or if I had been the "mer-CAW-doe" or if I had charged video games this morning at 4AM. She had to repeat the word "mercado" a number of times before I could process her southern-accent-meets-spanish-word thang.


Someone has been using it like crazy for the last nine days. Finally she asked if I had been to Trader Joe's. (very popular with our California customers, what is it?). Yes. I had been to Trader Joe's. And the Saturn Cafe? Yes.

Racial Profiling via Grocery Store of Choice.
That is all I am going to say about that.
(I am not the only one, today at lunch, Sra Gomez accidentally grabbed my "Mi Puebla" bag because she thought she "was the only one who shopped there" (in the company of lots of white teachers))

I can't believe that thing has been gone for over a week. Did I leave it somewhere? Did it fall out of my purse? If someone robbed my wallet why leave all the cash and the check card?

Times like this l love credit card companies and their fraud departments. I have to say, when this happened with Discover, they caught it in 12 hours. Capital One is clocking in at 9 days.

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