Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Maintaining Calm

train patrons

The Summer Funk has already started. I have gone through this fake crisis every summer for the past six years. Every year my work gets tossed in the air in a painful 52 card pick-up. There will be periods of furious activity followed by unpredictable periods of grinding unemployment. This year, things didn't get resolved until January (it took a lot of restraint not to curse God, the Government and every other available scapegoat). Most of the time it works out sort of okay. I have to be careful about the words that I think. If I ponder about how much I have been disappointed, my eyelids start swelling, and it takes hours to recover my composure.

I am trying to dance around it without ignoring the impending. On good days.

On bad days I can feel it in my knuckles. I can usually put it off until about the beginning of May. I really want to avoid a hideous summer depression. Frankly, I don't want to put my friends through another three to six months of listening to me whine.

Can anyone recommend a good local shrink?

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