Thursday, April 27, 2006

Baby Steps to Panic Avoidance

I found reading the UCSC Extension's Catalog and doing "meditation breathing" very helpful this morning. The chapters on credentials and CLAD certification were strangely compelling. Wow, only $500 for a weekend workshop on Ed Theory! That sounds like fun! (actually it does) oooh! They have free seminars!

Four Seasons
I blogged about life choices and dreams last December, and looking over the list, my naivete is almost comical. December is generally a good month to dream. Now I feel I am poised at the top of the roller coaster, and the choices I make, or the things I blow off will directly affect the opportunities I have for the next year. So while last December, I wanted to be a comicbook superstah, now education is looking sexy. I got to be a superstah at APE, and while it was fun, my accountant is by no means ready to endorse more of those sorts of financial shenanigans. I am in some strange cyclical pattern, where I get possessed by crazy thoughts in the winter, have wild art ambitions in the spring (last year I wanted to go to grad school), get completely depressed in the summer, and focus all my energies on bare survival in the fall. Maybe I should find four careers, one for each season.

My life is rather romantic when I look at it that way. It looks like the life of a lunatic.

I still do want to write more comic books. I am not ready to go talk to publishers yet. I suppose I'll know when I have produced something that is worthy.

Its looking like practicality might win. A CLAD certification and a freshly renewed credential would be a tantalizing combination to the next hiring committee. (the CLAD makes you legal to teach kids who aren't native english speakers, who, in this region, are the majority)

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