Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Must Update Blog!

TV's FOR Sale

I am sitting at the terminal at the teacher's lounge. I must blog! Its been too long since I have written! Everything is topsy-turvey, as I close down the individual art programs at the various schools that I work at. My todo list is full of tedious little jobs. Miss Una and I pulled down a show this morning. We had help from a team of fourth graders who graciously pulled 1200 staples from the artwork. I love child labor! Then they begged me for the opportunity to sweep the gym! I reluctantly acquiesed.


Its open house night at the school, so even though the children are gone, the energy is high. The H*ster set up a beautiful art show earlier today. Its glorious, hundreds and hundreds of pieces of shimmering childrens art as far as the eye can see. Its a total visual overload. Children's art makes me happy. I am glad I do this.

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