Saturday, May 13, 2006

Feeling Cranky

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I slept in the hammock all afternoon. I didn't want to get out of it. I think that might have been my mistake. My muscles are sore, and I don't feel like moving, or eating (which, tho' often entertaining, is not appealing at the moment). A massage sounds good.

I should do something about my life right now. My agenda for the month is chock-full of deeply responsible activities, like teeth cleaning, credential-renewal procedures, jury duty (potentially, if I am very unlucky), optometrical and gynecological visits (not at the same time). I figured I should get this taken care of before I find myself in the bread-lines.

I should really add an oil change to the list.

I think I am going to cry.


On a Happier Note

Did I mention lately how much Willow's Mom rocks? She has been graciously bringing me to the pool so I can exercise and not die when I am 50. She helped bankroll my pool membership dues this morning.

Have I told the story about why I am on a sudden fitness kick yet?

American Rites of Passage

A month ago, my TB test expired, and the nurse told me my blood pressure was high. It could have been the bad mood I was in, but she said the same thing the last time I got a TB test.

Short Fambly History

The Pater, the P's brother (quadruple bypass), the P's father (dead at 50) all had/have hypertension. It seems to set in when the O turns 30. I should ask him about his sisters (the O women seem to die of breast cancer).

So suddenly, I am caring about my heart health. The nurse said my blood pressure wasn't quite in the red zone, but it was dangerously close.

The Stranger Inside

I casually mentioned to Eleven and Willow's Mom that I needed to get more exercise, and now they have been calling me a few times a week for swimming and cardio-kickboxing. They are saving my life! I love them!

My body is changing. Its strange. I got comfortable in my flabby, soft skin, then, suddenly, I am not recognizing it. I move my arm, and I can feel all these tendons pull and stretch I don't remember having. Its doing a lot more active things. Its getting a reorganization. Muscles and bones are moving around. They are reconfiguring. I am happy about it. Its a bit disconcerting. I haven't done any drawing at all this month.

I played tag with my students yesterday. They couldn't catch me (until the end).

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