Saturday, June 24, 2006

Happy Sabbath

Branciforte River, originally uploaded by camille94019.

The Sun

I like the sun. It warms my skin. A nap, taken under the sun, in a hammock is a pleasant thing.

My Bike

I like my bike, it gets me around very cheaply and with the added bonus of giving my heart a workout. (down with high blood pressure!)


"It" is all propaganda. From the Left, the Right, the Up and the Down. The only one who ain't, is Jesus (tho' His church has done its share of propagandizing). The rest is just an exchange of hot air (which, according to my experience of three decades in California, IS getting hotter).

My Car

Is dying and gas is getting prohibitively expensive. I don't want to replace it with more of the same. I want to spend my pennies elsewhere (ooh! like a new bike and some fancy brush pens!)

the Environment

Like any gift from God, I'd like to do my best to leave it better than I found it.

I was originally going to respond to the issues that Mike brought up. Then I decided that I really didn't know enough about all of the side issues he referenced in his comment (although, I"m inspired to do some research to rectify that). So I decided to keep my opinions to those topics that I had direct experience with. Besides, its the sabbath, and we are supposed to rest.

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