Friday, July 14, 2006

Day 5 of My Flip Flop Exile

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I have another 24 hours of being Away from Home. Cruise Mary left the berth this morning, on her way to Points North.

I had a delightful time with the Muttonham Flickr group last night. We wandered Castro, eating pizza and taking in the perfect balmy evening.

One of the flickrites I talked to is an attorney, and as we chatted he told me that he was an atheist. I decided to be obnoxious and find out why. I was quite curious, coming from Flip Flop, there are many practitioners of just about any religion you can name, but I don't run into atheists who want to talk about if very often. Its not a bad thing, I was so curious, though. Curious in a provincial, I don't get out of town very often, sort of a way. He was very nice and answered some of my queries (he also paid for my pizza). I left unsatisfied. I wanted to hear some good reasons to not believe in God, other than, "southern baptists are annoying" (not arguing that point, I mean, er, not to offend any southern baptists, um).

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