Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Oh Muttonham!

The Tire Store, originally uploaded by camille94019.

Day Three of my Mutton Exile.

I arrived at work super early. The housecleaners arrived at USS Mary(my current crashpad is more like a luxury cruise than a house in the 'burbs... with comfy deck chairs, excellent food, and a membership at the Y, a studio with a view, it has all the amenities, and plus its about 5 blocks from work) this morning so I cut to work a little early.

I spent a few hours staring hard at my Sub Notes, trying to make sense of them. I had urges to call every male in my address book, to read anything I could get my hands on, to eat complulsively (fortunately, the Kitchen was Closed, otherwise I would have) and to do anything else other than draw. Finally, the images started coming. Then Mary started offering my wine, as an aperitif, then things really got flowing, until I could no longer draw a straight line. Could life be too easy?

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