Sunday, July 2, 2006

Social Expiraments

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Last month, while discussing the subtle nuances of a fine CL personal post with the Elevens, Eleven herself wondered aloud what would happen if I posted to the Men Seeking Men section. After browsing the M2Ms I realized that all the posts lacked, among other things, like the feminine touch, an appreciation of nature (I could say more on the subject of what the posts did have, but I'd lose my G-rating). I decided it was my responsibility to bring something new and novel to the readers, so I posted a paean to my all-time favorite sylvan spot, Sweetwater. At the time of the posting, I didn't have any pictures of the park itself, so I posted equivalent views of Henry Cowell. You are getting the post as I originally intended, with pictures of the actual park.

Here is the post, I haven't edited it (I am a little scared to re-read it)


I am inviting you to come with me to a place called Sweetwater.

I'll take you by the hand, and we'll walk slowly along the bluffs. We'll notice the little things like the way the poppies aren't always orange (sometimes they are yellow), and close our eyes and smell the wild sage and the salty breeze. We might even stand still, pretending to be invisible, with the hope that the wild rabbits show themselves between the tick bushes. We will count the different kinds of flowers, the evening primrose, the Queen Anne's Lace, the dashing scarlet pimpernel, the fragrant camomile. We will pick the tender shoots of wild anise and and we'll taste the licorice. Soon, we will approach the thickets of bamboo. We'll find a way through the seemingly impenetrable hedge and we'll push through the tangled stalks and find ourselves, finally, in Sweetwater.

The first thing we will notice is the quiet. As if the ocean is taking a nap. Then we will notice how the grandaddy eucalyptus thinks its an oak tree, and is spreading its elegantly leafed branches out, instead of up. We will walk down the old road, with the spanish moss and the firs and the pines nearly blocking our way. The ground will be covered with wild ivy. We will stop and breath the smells of the glade. The pungent eucalyptus, the hints of the ocean carried by the wind, the sweet wild flowers.

For a moment we'll forget about the rest of the world, the city, the cars and exhaust. This will be the universe just for an instant.

So don't make me go to Sweetwater alone. Come with me. Please.

this is in or around Half Moon Bay


The Results

The post died of old age. No one flagged it, no one took it down. I didn't receive any hate, or negative responses. Only one man wrote and said that it sounded "nice" and he sent a picture of his face (he looked like a middle-aged accountant). I ended up taking the KB to the park, and we did a lot of running around and tree climbing.

I didn't write him back. I figured I had already violated enough CL rules.


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