Sunday, July 2, 2006

the Tick Bush Forest

Me and the Tick Bush Forest, originally uploaded by camille94019.

I did mean "tick bush." That might be a quirky colloquial term. I just googled it, and nothing relevant came up. Growing up, that is just what we called it.

I did find an article about "coastal scrub," which might be what the rest of the world calls it. Maybe its called "coyote bush." I do recall seeing small white flowers in the fall. I have also seen hummingbirds linger in them.

I went swimming again with Nori. We splashed around and I made it to the fourth buoy. We lingered in the middle of the "swimming area" and when a huge ship invaded our waters, I gave them a double dose of the bird. Nori laughed at me. The pleasure-cruisers just waved. Maybe they thought we were being friendly. The swimming area is just for people.

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