Monday, October 9, 2006

24 Hours of Madness

If you read the previous post (I composed it while one of my inked pages was drying at some terrible hour after being in the same room for nearly 12 hours) and it didn't make much sense to you, that is okay. I was just looking at it, and it makes no sense to me, either. I was participating in the legendary 24 Hour Comic Book Day.

I did actually complete the 24 pages at 8:20 AM at a small cafe in the Lower Haight. That was our third venue that night. After getting tired of being in the boardroom (it had impossible Mork-and-Mindy styled chairs that were not made for terrestrial behinds) for 12 of the 24 hours, our fearless leader, the Dithster, declared that the party would be better at her house. This was around 1 AM (I had just had a run-in with an irrate security guard for doing illegal sleeping in the lounge area. He prolly thought I was a stray homeless with my tattered sleeping bag and messy hair). So we dissasembled my bike and moved the entire party into my car. Then we spent the next half hour looking for parking. Then one of the artists, I'll call him J3 for short, decided he HAD TO HAVE camomile tea. He could not draw another line without something warm and soothing. So we wandered into a liquer store and were collectively shocked to find that they only had black tea. While we were reeling at the scant tea selection, a brawl erupted in the dive bar next door, and we had to drag a few of our more adventurous artists away before they got beat up. Finally, around 2, we fell into the Dithster's living room, only to find out that she had no chairs at all. I nested into a couch, and a few others made room on the floor. The Wobbly's back was hurting him, so he decided to IM the rest of the night. I slept a few hours (I did a lot of drawing, I can't remember). Around 6, J3 decided that we should get brekkie at a cafe, but shockingly, no food-based restaurants were open in the hood. We ended up wandering aimlessly in the deserted streets until we found a gourmet coffee place that was open. I inked my last page over a pot of luxurious Earl Gray and then bid the company good-bye.

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