Saturday, October 7, 2006

24 Hour Comic, 2006-Style

1, originally uploaded by camille94019.

Okay, this is illustration is old-- a 2005 24 hour comic. The new one is still wet (and hardly done) and I am taking a break. This years accomodations are far nicer than last years (though, sitting under the full moon in Hose was pretty magical). We are an Institute of Higher Art Larnin' in the city. We have 'net access, drafting tables, a library, climate control, comfortable chairs, and comfy couches.

The cool things about this is that I get to experiment!

1) No bald characters. yes, all of these new folks are aggressively haired.
2) 4 unintelligible stories instead of one.
3) dialogue! (the novelty!)

will I finish? Tune in tomorrow morning!

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