Wednesday, October 4, 2006


naked drawing
This is an example of a typical life drawing from my sketchbook. All the drawings I did submit had innocent drawings on the verso, and Dan does mention that fact. Those were the images I was intending to show. Having the church display nude drawings was never one of my agendas.

I just spent a few hours reading all the comments regarding Dan's recent entry about the naked drawing controversy, and following up on the commenter's blogs. I almost wrote about it a few days ago, and I stopped because I thought the whole thing was pretty ridiculous, and evidenced exactly the reasons that the Christian community is perceived as a bunch of pharisaical idiots. I find it deeply amusing. Maybe I should find it disturbing. I am not sure what we should expect. These are real people talking, in an artificial forum and somewhat out of context. I had included links to some of the more ridiculous entries, but on second thought, I realize that is a little mean-spirited on my part. Its a beautiful thing that Jesus loves all of us. We clearly don't have to be right, or smart, Baptist or hip. Hallelujah.

Up with Christians!

Reading the comments is like going to a sweet, and somewhat daft, old lady's garage sale and seeing her collection of kitsch and being able to appreciate it on compassionate-yet-ironic level. There are plenty of silly things that I hold on to, and I hope that my brothers and sisters can be tolerant of me. I know these people mean well. I know they are doing their best to make sense of a strange situation.


Dan ultimately displayed the drawings in the way that I intended, with the innocent side out. I have been blessed to be a part of many church communities over the years and VFC is one of the most open, Jesus-loving and welcoming communities I have ever been a part of.

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