Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Safe Harbors

tenting reversed

I have gone through quite a bit of upheaval and the temptation to ruminate is strong. Rumination is dangerously close to wallowing, and wallowing can quickly turn into heart-stopping paralysis, so I have made a list of constructive things that I am allowed to think about. Almost any topic can easily lead to a Slough of Despond, but these are specially chosen to have such cheery trajectories a slight uplift of spirits is inevitable.

The KB. With her bad-ass 8-year-old attitude and endearing, age-appropriate ego-centricism, there is no way that contemplating her could send my thoughts to anything related to being a stodgy, depressive adult.

The Alternative Press Expo So much work to be done! So much planning, art-making, world-domination to be hatched. Such great parties/people to look forward to. Oh The Crafting! Oh the Stapling! Oh the drawering and pasting and cutting and schmoozing and flirting!

Work Of course, this can be a little tricky, and should be limited to the work I actually have (no reason to pine over lame jobs lost). Oh the students and their sticky hands!

The Family Flip Flop Just a phone call away and always available for a trip to the cafe or beach.

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