Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Drama Geeks

macbeth, originally uploaded by camille94019.

I went to high school today. While I was waiting for the secretary to notice me, this handbill caught me eye. It was taped to the counter. I don't know why I love this so much. Is it the fully rendered sword and the little tiny stick figures? The astonishing alliteration? The powerful use of red? The awkward lettering? The unselfconsciousness?

The teacher didn't leave me any plans for the last period of upper class students. The morning TA told me that they would know what to do. They did. Gee, Toto, we are not in elementaryland any more are we? I sat around with the kids who were supposedly working on their lines. It was one of those perfect days where time stops and distinctions between student and teacher get blurred. Fortunately, they were old enough not to need constant baby-sitting, otherwise, I would have been guilty of negligence. As it was, we sat on the couch and talked about them (they are still in the ego-centric stage). They loved their drama teacher and had nothing but good things to say. One of the boys said the first thing she told him was the she was going to run him over with a truck. I had to laugh. We didn't learn stuff like that in teaching school.

I got to meet the artist. When I asked him for a copy, he pulled out his notebook and a bunch of papers fell out. He said he was such an artist that the papers went in and they never came out again. After rooting around for a while in his backpack, he pulled this out. Inexplicably, it has a clock face drawn on the back. Maybe I could get a job teaching drama.

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