Friday, November 3, 2006

I love you, too.

tammy, originally uploaded by camille94019.

I found this on my pillow the other day. It appeared out of nowhere. I assume it was an ironic gift from the M*ster. Or somebody else who has access to my bedroom. Hm, I am going to leave that thought right where it is (I doubt the 327 rat is that considerate).

Clearly God wants me to be happy. What other confirmation of my arbitrary, slightly desperate pollyanna philosophy do I need? Look at the little hearts coming out of her head? Look at the size of her hair. When is that 'do going to come back? (the mind reels) Where does a person need to be to think that printing up a little card to give to strangers with a declaration of your love on it is going to do a lick of good to the mountain of misery in the world? Does she really think we care? On the other hand, she probably did it with the best intentions. "Maybe," she thought to herself, "there is some pathetic drunk out there, who when they read this card, is transported to a numinous experience of God's love." Or maybe some devious intern put it together in 1982. Or perhaps, if I look at the fine print, I'll see that it was published by "Accoutrements" and you can pick of a 50 pack at Urban Outfitters.

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