Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Voting in Color


On Sunday I filled out the ballot and biked it to the special "ballot-only" mail box in front of what is quickly becoming one of my favorite hang-outs, the Flip Flop Government Building Complex.

Split Pea Confessions
I did not read everything.  The government sent me a fat book with the texts of all the propositions we are voting on and I only read the summaries.  As for the judges, I googled their names and read their official biographies.  I looked at their pictures.  I voted for all of them.  They all had impressive resumes and their faces looked kind.  Lots of them were from Hose, or had gone to school in Bear Town.  Maybe we all get stuck behind the same traffic lights.

Seeing Green
I am still a registered Republican, but I didn't vote the ticket at all.  Perhaps the water in FF is contaminated with something that makes you left-leaning, or maybe its something in the air.   Though there is a part of me (the nostalgic part) who is a bit sad about that.  I read the write-ups on the local candidates, and if they said anything about being an artist, or supporting the arts, I voted for them.  One of the girls running for Harbor commissioner is an aquaintance of mine, so she got my vote.

Guilt is the Color of my True Love's Hair
I always have guilt after elections.  I feel bad for not doing more research.  I feel abused if I fell for some big corporation's propaganda.  I usually realize that I made mistakes.  Sometimes I think I have an opinion, then I talk to someone, and they have compelling things to say, and then everything seems fuzzy.  There is such a fog of screaming rhetoric to wade through.  I voted "no" on all the propositions that seemed to be motivated by fear, or involved more debt (I know what happens when California runs out of money, I'd rather have a job than new roads).

Its Not Easy Being Skin-Colored
I prayed. 

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