Tuesday, December 5, 2006

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The Undead

Its been days since I have been in Flip Flop. I am looking forward to going home, back to the town where the fiberglass zombies forever climb over the fiberglass facades.

Speaking of facades, el Caballero put a bug in my ear while I was eating a burrito last night. He said "architecture." Usually when people give me well-meaning career advice, it goes in one ear and out the other. This time, I have been thinking about it for 12 straight hours. People are constantly telling me sensible things, which I then ignore. Good sense has never been a inspiring motivator (although there was that time my sister told me to get my teaching credential, and we did it, but that involved road trips, sleeping on the floor, snow, expensive tests and a whole host of exciting problems).

Its hour 13 and I am still intrigued by this word, "architecture."

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John B. said...

When I was a (very) wee lad, I gave so much thought to that very word that in high school I took some exceedingly difficult math classes because the guidance books all said I'd need to. And here I thought "architecture" was just drawing pictures of buildings. I made it as far as analytical geometry . . . and then I took my first creative writing class. Too many English majors in the world for our own good, I know. But I've never regretted.

Good luck and best wishes as you think on it some more.

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