Wednesday, December 6, 2006

My Newest pet

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Growing up we didn't have pets (aside from some fish and a few snails). They are too much trouble, and they break your heart, my dad said. Plus, if we had a pet, we couldn't take any spontaneous camping trips.

This is still, generally, my philosophy regarding the domestication of animals. Which is why my little scobies are so perfect. They are quiet, they don't make a mess, they don't shed, they add to the economy of the house and they are cheap to feed. The little box of sugar I bought last month for $2.19 is still going strong. I can take as many spontaneous road trips as I want, and I know they'll be waiting for me, in their jars of tea, when I get home. True, they are no fun to pet (if you want to touch them, you have to wash your hands first, and they are slimey) and they are absolutely rotten at sharing empathy (unless your count their bubbles as little pockets of carbon dioxide caring).

Born Pregnant
This all started a few months ago when el Caballero began making noises about how he wanted to grow his own kombucha and at the same time my friend Liesa was asking me if I wanted to start brewing my own. I picked one up from her (it looked like a pickled brain), and carefully transported it to Bear Town and tucked it in. Soon, el Cab's started having babies, so I got one. They multiply like tribbles. So far I haven't enticed any of my friends with it (ew! it smells like vinegar!). Ha Ha, more for me.

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Fritz M said...

Yeah, more for you. You're welcome.

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