Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The "Following Jesus" Manifesto

Check it out.

Blog Meridian: The "Following Jesus" Manifesto

John got it from Today at the Mission.

I love how the Mission writer speaks of spiritual disciplines as "leading a secret life." All of a sudden, doing one's prayers is like joining James Bond on a secret mission. Parties should always be a priority. I am inspired.


John B. said...

Just to make sure there's no misunderstanding: I found the Manifesto here. But I too find it inspiring--as do I the rest of Today at the Mission.

Camille said...


Thanks for the clarification!

chiefbiscuit said...

Yes I liked that - have printed it out ... Thanks :)

Fritz said...

"I'm a Christian, and I suck. So do you." ;-) That is so me.

I've been meaning to comment on a blog post I read somewhere in which the writer laments on how the people at his church pretty much all suck because they don't fit his neatly defined view on how Christians should behave/act/be. He's disappointed because nobody at his church fits the megachurch happy happy people mold.

But then that would pretty much make me like the guy I'm complaining about, ne?

Fritz said...

I forgot to mention: Much of what James wrote in his epistle should be extremely disturbing to many American Christians. Lots of commie-talk about the rich oppressing the poor and so forth.

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