Thursday, January 18, 2007

A Slightly Less than Stellar Thursday

Road B, originally uploaded by camille94019.

It has been a rough day. The rat chewed through my phone line and the door. My car died in an intersection (it restarted again, regardless, stalling is no fun). A crazy relation yelled at me in public. My dentist raised her rates. My messy room depresses me. I am consumed with stagnant art-guilt and I didn't do anything creative today (I did get the T-beast's computer onto our wireless network, which was something the Belkin guy couldn't do). I didn't get a substitute job today. The house is an icebox and the electrical bill is in the three-digits (so much for trying to conserve). If I read the news, I'd probably find out that somebody died horribly in Baghdad.

Friends Are For Pep-Talks

I'd be huddled under my covers right now if it wasn't for Eleven and El Caballero. Eleven took me kick-boxing and out for tacos. El Cab let me whine about how crummy things were. He said if the world ended tomorrow, rest assured the rat would die too. Eleven said it was okay if crazy people made me cry.

And the Family...

I whined to the Pater and he said he could help me with the car. My mother listened carefully and gave me some well-considered advice.


The rat is at large, I am not any richer, and the car still sounds terrible, but good people have joined me on my raft, and maybe I can start thinking about nicer adjectives.


collywobbles said...

i'm sorry it's been less than stellar, camille. we love you up here on the mount and think that you are worth more than any art you make.

Camille said...

awww, thanks!

Fritz said...

Visit the boardwalk tomorrow and buy yourself a funnel cake or whatever else they have that's horrible and gooey and messy. This is an Rx so it won't be bad for you.

Camille said...

that sounds fantastic!

raybon said...

Deep fried twinkies. Yumm!!!

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