Friday, January 19, 2007

Man the Yardarms, you Sons of Scabby Whores

cashcar rear

Things are looking up. Thanks to everyone who wrote and wished me well. My car is purring like a cat out of hell. It only took one crazy-intense exchange with the pirate, er, auto mechanic, and suddenly all is well in Camilleland. It always amazes me how easily my life unravels, and conversely, how easily the illusion of normalcy returns.


Good Mechanic/Bad Mechanic

Riddle me this. You go to two mechanics to get your car fixed. One mechanic announces that he is a liar, will break your car and charge you for it. The other mechanic says that he is honest, even though he is constantly tempted to charge people a hundred bucks for "some thing-jinger or other." He also tells you a story about how one of his clients, a theology professor, asked to see one of the girlie calendars that mechanics are known to have around, and then how the prof "woof-woofed" at it.

I am immediately suspicious when someone tells me that they are honest. Maybe they are? I sure hope so, because if he is honest, then he is saving me the indignity of being a dupe.


Fritz said...

"Trust me, I'm from the government."

Oh, and speaking of pirates...

Camille said...

Oh! That was funny! Thanks for sharing. :)

eleven said...

One can never go wrong with a pirate analogy.

o said...

i think you should introduce yourself to the owner of that car; I bet he's into rockabilly. He and Dan should meet. He & God will talk. You will introduce him to me. The end. :)

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