Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Attitude Adjustments

Egret, or Heron, originally uploaded by camille94019.

Christianity's entertainment value is usually pretty low on the scale. Especially if one considers the things one is supposed to be entertained by, like clowns and juggling shows. But if one finds bickering, name-calling, witch hunts and the like secretly enjoyable, then besides just finding history overflowing with excellent examples, one simply can turn to The Church. Or if one is particularly lazy, one only needs to look as far as that other pillar of culture, The Family.

As I examine my heart, I find that, at this point, it is not really brimming with love and daisies, and I am probably deeply amiss in blaming my inner dump-tire-fire on external things.

I'd like to share exactly what is irking me at the moment (there are a couple of things, really), but that is not the aim of this blog. This is not a rant blog. I am trying to spread as much love and good cheer as I can, and showing you links to ridiculous and tragic things aren't going to help.

Question: Do the Germans have a word for that sick feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you see something that should be holy but is really tawdry and pathetic? Would the English "horror" work? Or is that too strong?

The reason I am posting this picture--

1) It is pretty. That egret is probably flying somewhere pleasant at this very moment, like the Elkhorn Slough, doing what God intended, enjoying life, feeling the air slipping through her pinions, eating worms and making eggs.

2) It has a "moral." Even though her feet are in muck, soon, she will take to her wings and be in the sky. With the clouds, and the crows. She is still blindingly white, in spite of standing in black goo.

3) Contemplating nature sometimes puts things in perspective.


Anonymous said...

did you know that the ancient Celts used the goose as a symbol for the Holy Spirit? they felt the goose was more wild and free than the dove like the Spirit would be.

The Holy Goose.

Camille said...


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