Thursday, March 1, 2007

Dream Journal

I was hanging out at the home of a large Italian family. I wanted to leave but I couldn't because my car was gone. I was convinced they took it, so I started searching through all of their garages, found lots of cars. I stumbled across a group of men disassembling a small silver car that I was convinced was mine. I made off with a few pieces that I could fit in my backpack, and I rolled off on a large dolly.

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Fritz said...

The sequel to this dream should be pretty cool. I'm already thinking of about 20 different ways this could go.

We had dinner at a black church in Menlo Park tonight. It was a weird happenstance but kind of neat. I cycle by Mount Olive Apostolic Original Holy Church of God, Inc. on my way to work, and they had a sign advertising a chicken and fish dinner PUBLIC INVITED. So we checked it out, pigged out on the best fried chicken and catfish I've had in ages, and had to be rolled out on a large dolly.

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