Sunday, March 18, 2007


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I have been editing the Fat Camille opus in preparation for an actual hard-copy printing. All day long I have been cleaning things up, correcting spelling and adjusting technical print stuff so it will look good on paper. I just got to this page and I decided to "fix" the so-called technical problems with the Professor's speech. Two people (you know who you are) commented that he (I) got it all wrong. Since I wanted to show that the character was "right" all the time, it was important to the story to get it right. So I just went on-line to clear the mix-up.

I found out some interesting things.

Crazy English

Good generally is an adjective (although, according to notation 49 on that page it can mean "well").

Well generally is an adverb, although it can be correctly used as an adjective as well (ha ha).

Adverbs do actually describe verbs.

Adjectives do generally describe nouns.

Perhaps the dog should have recommended, "I am doing well." But is not "am" a form of the verb "to be?" It seems that "I am good" would be correct also (colloquially, at least).

Case in Point

I understand that things can be technically correct, but still sound bad. Be that as it may, I am a bit peeved-- mostly at myself for taking what those two readers said seriously and spending all this time trying to untangle the mess. It is so funny, this incident illustrates my entire small-brain insecurity.


English is a fucking kluge. I started this line of inquiry to actually find something new, to repair a hole in my knowledge, but as it turns out, it was pointless. If there is a hole in my head, I share it with the rest of Le Monde Anglais-phone.


Rosa said...

Well, I for one am amazed at the irony of your being corrected over this comic. I want to give your grammar critics a brisk, correct slap. (Even if I might know them. I mean, sheesh.)
Can't wait for the Beer & Cheese Birthday bash. Put me down for either Wensleydale with Cranberries or Stilton & Apricot, and some sort of beer.

El Caballero said...


I only dare to correct you here because I'm safely out of Rosa's striking range, but what you actually want to say is: le monde *anglophone*.

El Cab

PS will you actually have Wensleydale at the party? I hope so. It's a favorite of Wallace the renowned rabbit-catcher, and with good reason.

Camille said...

Have I mentioned today how much I love my friends! You all make me smile!

chiefbiscuit said...

I think you speak beautifully Camille! ;)

I wish you well on the hardcopy version of FC. I'd LOVE to buy a copy - do let me know how I can do so. (Is that proper English?)

Nori said...

I'm going to out myself as one of the people who corrected the Professor's grammar. Sorry, the whole good/well thing is a pet peeve of mine, mostly because know-it-ally people are always correcting others about it wrongly. I thought maybe it was based on a real incident (which you told me later wasn't true), so I was trying to correct the Professor, not you. When I first read your comic, I posted a comment about it which I almost immediately deleted, realizing the irony of me also being a know-it-all. This didn't, of course, stop me from pointing it out when I saw you in person. Sorry. I was the annoying kid who had her hand up in class all the time in school, and I don't have an outlet for that anymore. I just can't help myself.

-Nori (Yes, I know I'm a dork. Admitting it is the first step.)

Camille said...

its all clear.

or something (or not, but who is keeping track anymore? I sure ain't.)

I love you, too, Nori. :)

Nori said...

I love you, too, Camille. Please never doubt that I am both your friend and your fan.

Anonymous said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again, effective communication IS good english, and you are one of the most effective communicators I know. Come browse the every-humbling OED any time you want. :)

Camille said...


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