Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Lessons Learned

Smart Camille

This "vindication" thing has been bittersweet. As it turns out I was wrong about what people found wrong. I wonder how often this happens and neither party ever finds out.

I was just going to let it remain untouched. While I don't think anyone owes anybody an apology, I do want to thank all the principals for participating in this strange trip down English grammar lane. It illustrates just how easy it is to misconstrue and be misconstrued.

A Moment of Silence

I am going to have a moment of silence for this "language" thing-- this strange miracle of sounds and letters and signs. I don't even know where it comes from. (I know the sunday school teacher would say the "Holy Spirit").

Because I know I am laughing

At myself. Damn, I am always good for a good crack-up.


Nori said...

There should be a holiday where people are allowed to air out any old grievance with their friends and family, without anyone saying "Why didn't you tell me you were upset about this when it happened?"

The Molly said...

you're weird

Camille said...

just in case there is any confusion, Molly directed the above comment exclusively, emphatically, and with much love, to me.

Camille said...

I implied an apology in this post, but in case I didn't mention it overtly enough.


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