Thursday, March 22, 2007

Dream Journal; Red Tent-- Women only

A silent, Buddhist nun collected my pads as I dirtied them, wrapped them up in tidy bundles and lined them up outside my door. Her head was shaved and she was wearing earthy yellow robes. I watched her hands as she deftly rolled them up and bundled them in plastic, leaving a little knot on top. When she opened the door, I caught a glimpse of six little white packages.

My period started this morning.

My subconscious cares about me. She knows these bodily things are painful and messy, so she does her thing to alleviate the discomfort. It occurs to me that I should try to get to know my subconscious a little better.


chiefbiscuit said...

That's one of he most beautiful descriptions of a period I have read to date - probably for ever. :) Not only are you good at dreaming and then describing those dreams, but also at interpreting them too.

Camille said...

you can thank that nun. I wish she would come back to me.

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