Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Post Script

Clutch's drawing for me

There are favorite things I forgot!

Carolee at Pod Post. I met her a few years ago at the Foothill Book Arts Jam. A couple of things stood out this year, first, she is beautiful-- the red lipstick and the girl scout uniforms her Pod buddy and she wore were gorgeous. Secondly, her stuff is cool (see the link). I personally own two of her amazing sketchbooks. She was across the aisle from me and we gave each other eyes and she came over a bunch of times to give our side cookies.

drawing from Orion Martin

The Zine Kids. I have noticed that as APE evolves, there seems to be fewer zombie-sex comics and more knitters. That is a good change. On the other hand, there are fewer kids coming around wanting to trade. I used to trade like a fiend (money! bah!) but that ended last year after I started getting dirty looks from people. So now I just don't buy anything from adults (unless it is really really cool, see above entry). But a few zine kids did stop by my table. I tend to always trade, because I remember how it feels. I keep small things around to trade these days. I still trade with friends (like most of the people I've mentioned in these posts). Usually the stuff I get from the zine kids is strange (like the book with the dryer lint taped to the inside), but I did get a book worth noting from Orion Martin (cool name!) called Pup-One 2 Three with interesting drawings. (OK... I did gradgimate from art school... uh, lets see here, effective hatching, sensitive line-work, variety, good control of value-patterns, carefully observed portraits, ta da!)

Derek Kirk Kim: I borrowed his graphic novel recently from a friend at the same time I was subbing in Pacifica last month. He writes/draws about life in the big P. His observations are hilarious and true. I got to say "hello" to him and my biggest regret is that I didn't pick up my own copy of his excellent book.

Post Post Script

When I was Little Camille, I decided I wanted to draw when I grew up. At the time, my drawings included people with lots of fingers. I certainly didn't know what a life of drawing would really entail (what! no picket fence! no gold ring!), nor did I foresee the financial persecutions I'd suffer for it (what! they won't take my credit card!), but somehow, it is all okay when I get to spend an entire weekend in a drafty convention center with a bunch of other misunderstood geniuses who wanted to draw when they were young, too.


Anonymous said...

I hope plenty of copies of "Fat Camille" were dispered! Can you again tell us how to get "Fat Camille"?

oxy said...

Where's my Fat Camille???

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