Sunday, May 6, 2007


sent to the Son of the Steppes

A long time ago I signed up with the Post Due postcard collective, and sporadically ever since, I have sent postcards to the folks. Sometimes I even get some back. I just discovered that one particular gent, Ryan, has been posting the ones he sends me on his special blog. I am lucky! He sent a bunch to me. There is the most recent one.

to Dax in Chicago

I have been laboring at my drafting table all afternoon (just taking breaks to eat bread and chocolate) catching up with nearly six months of backlogged postcards.


to Ryan in Austin TX


to Carolee of Post Pod


to the KB in the Hamlet


sent to Amanda in Brooklyn

This one was particularly fun to do. The original card was a art-reference card of a northern renaissance triptych. One of the panels was illustrating the Wedding at Cana, and this woman reading was sitting at the end of the table, rather prominently. I wasn't sure if she was the patron of the piece, or a prefiguration of Whistler's Mother. Either way, I like her.

Here's the card Amanda sent me.

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