Monday, May 7, 2007

more correspondance

passing the mantle
sent to El Caballero in Bear Town

It is nearly Summer, and all of a sudden I have some free time! Does anyone else want to exchange postcards with me? You don't have to be artsy. You can just get any ol' postcard and glue something on it. Insta-collage! I recommend using PVA (a kind of book-maker's glue that is waterproof and not smelly, relatively cheap) or acrylic medium. Or stickers! But even elmer's white glue will work, though I don't recommend glue sticks, since they won't hold hard for the postal processing. My email is on my profile and you can write me with your address. I just need a good excuse!

(I got some French postcards and they spelled it "correspondance" It looks rather musical)


chiefbiscuit said...

In NZ we spell correspondence that way. Like you. But we spell theatre that way. Just saying.
I'd love to post you a postcard. Will email you instantly.

Anonymous said...

Bwahahahhahahaaa!! I have your address. All I need are stamps.

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