Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Nori's First Four Responses

Where Kurt, John and Nori gather round the imaginary table.

I have discovered that writing good questions is just has hard as answering them. A few of my questions were total cop-outs (I lifted the advice one wholesale, just because its a good one). I also realized just how little I know Nori, a state that clearly needs to be rectified.

Number 2
a little HNori20

Number 3 The Dog Whisperer

Number 4 Wise Words for the Nor-ster


John B. said...

It was in following the link over to Nori's place that I realized what appeals to me about this meme: With most memes, you tag some folks and that's that. Unless you know the people they tag, I tend not to care how those folks respond. And I've been known in the past, when tagged for a meme I've responded to in the past, not to participate again. With this one, a) people select themselves; b) the questions will vary because of the interviewer and interviewee; c) It's intriguing to me to see what my interviewee will ask his/her interviewees, and so I find myself visiting other people's blogs that I wouldn't ordinarily visit. This meme is more truly meme-like because it expresses itself in various ways. It survives because its very existence is predicated on that variety.

Anyway. You get to read this because your responses to my questions were so thoughtful and elaborate, so I thought you wouldn't mind a bit of rambling here.

Nori said...

I thought you did a nice job on the questions. One of our mutual friends gave me peach ice cream for my birthday once, because she couldn't think of anything else that I really, really like other than peach ice cream. I much prefer being identified with Cake, Kurt Vonnegut, swimming, and environmental ethics than with peach ice cream.

Camille said...

It was a very interesting exercise in plumbing my internal "nori dossier." Now I get to add to it. :)

Camille said...

Hey John,

Please feel free to ramble all you want here. We are impoverished here in America, lacking a big Athenian plaza where we can all sit in the shade, suck on olives and chat 'sophy. Here, have an olive.

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