Thursday, May 24, 2007

Identify this tree


Anonymous said...

Is this tree from some sort of arboretum that showcases trees from foreign parts such as "The Larch"?
rosa and eleven

Camille said...

Two Points for America!

Camille said...

So far, America is ahead of New Zealand by one point!

Anonymous said...

Wait... do we even have those trees on this hemisphere?

Camille said...

We do have these trees in America, but not in the conventional sense. I mean, they are in our TV watching collective sub-conscience, tho' I am not sure they grow here.

Camille said...

Actually, they do grow here.

According to the above link, "North America" is one of their habitats, tho' they might be identified by another name, like "Tamarack"

chiefbiscuit said...

Hey!! I can't prove it - but as soon as I saw the pic I thought - That's a larch. The larch is one of my favouritest trees. When you come over you must visit a town over here called Naseby, which is full of larches. Beautiful colours in autumn.

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