Friday, May 25, 2007

Identify this tree

the KB and branches

This tree is considered a nuisance by the fire departments and native-shrub environmentalists. Personally, I am partial to it.

NB-- a couple readers have had troubles commenting on the blog lately, so I have disabled the "word verification" and if you still have trouble, drop me a line.


Anonymous said...

By garsh! Is that a Euckyliptuss tree??

Anonymous said...

It's a "little girl tree"! Why is it a nuisance? Perhaps the wood is brittle like a weeping willow's? Or perhaps the wood burns extra easy? The tree in the story "A Nuisance Tree Grows in Brooklyn" is the tree of Heaven; it is considered a problem because it will grow anywhere! I must admit that sometimes I do get tired of trimming-out tree of Heavens that grow along my foundation. Acutally, I am hard-pressed to think of many trees that are not considered a nuisance, in some way. Oak trees, for instance, are very beautiful, but the leaves are somewhat toxic (an oak tree defense mechanism) and so you do not want to use the leaves for mulch, which is why I cannot keep them out of my garden.

Anonymous said...

Is the KB wearing pajama bottoms?

Camille said...

The KB is actually wearing pants, these days, in order to get kids excited about clothes, the manufactures like to put cheerful icons in rainbow colors on the fabric. Crazy, eh?

chiefbiscuit said...

That's a gum tree. In fires the resin explodes - very flammable apparantly. I love the eucalyptus-menthol-smell of these trees. They are the staple diet of Koala bears. They come from Australia - but I bet you knew that!

Camille said...

I didn't know they were called "gum trees" down South

Christine said...

methoughts it was a eucalipeetus tree. That's what my dad calls it.


I like them too.

I gotta get used to this new name you picked... but it's pretty. :-)

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